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Service philosophy

Service philosophy

Service philosophy

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  • Time of issue:2020-09-10 11:33:58
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服务理念The meaning of Yicheng Plastics "Intimate · Peer"
"Intimate · Peer" means to provide users with "intimate" service with excellent service, and to ensure that they will always "walk" with customers. In the pursuit of the service concept, we are committed to making users feel caring, at ease, worry-free, and assured , And the ultimate goal is to always maintain all-round user satisfaction.


"Intimate · Peer" service is a new strategy of Yicheng Plastics focusing on the current national environmental air governance and globalization services. This strategy adheres to the service concept of providing customers with 100% worry-free service through dedicated, comprehensive, and comprehensive services. The core value of "fast, eternal, and zero distance" is assigned to the entire service process, and is reflected in the global integrated professional service system of Yicheng Plastics, bringing users the best service solutions with "intimateness" through every service detail and The service design continuously brings satisfaction to users, thus reflecting the value of "caring and peer".

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